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Anne Brown

Ahhh, and here they are! My pretty peaches and pinks I was hoping for! Thank you, Petlaoo!

JRABS - Jennifer Snyder

gorgeous collection

Julie  Shearer

So very pretty. I can't wait to see more .

Jean Marmo

Those painted butterflies are amazing!



Julie  Shearer

So very pretty.

Mrs Frizz

gulp - totally gorgeous ... everything ...

Jeanne Kelly

Absolutely beautiful. These will work great with the new Graphic45 paper collection too!!


The shape of those Dahlia's are sure to be a block buster with this CHA release!!! Congrat's on the whole collection release...beauties.

Denise Coulter

Love your new line of flowers. The soft pinks are gorgeous :)


stunning!love it!

Rexene Lockyer

Simply said....beautiful!


OH MY MY MY MY MY....exactly what I said when I saw these loverlies!!!

Becky D

I love it all! Everything is so luscious!


Very pretty.

Cindy Lou

Wow! These are beautiful, can't wait to start using them on my books, journals and multi-media art :)

Bev W.

Lovely!! Gotta start saving big time!

Carol Douglass

Everything is so pretty, loving the butterflies and the hat pins.


Wow those colors are so spring!

Anne Brown

WOW! I love the powder soft colors of these new designs and because I love the turn-of-the-century shabby chic style, these will be perfect for those types of projects. Thanks for the sneak peeks! Can't wait to see what else you have for us.


Love your flowers.. Beautifulllll.. can't take my eyes off it..

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