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To our Petaloo customers,

One of the greatest gifts 2009 brought us was that of resilience. Every time life would throw us a roadblock, it would force us to see things differently, to find another way around, and to persevere.

We saw this first hand during our most recent trip overseas. During our India leg of the trip, one of our new sub factories urgently requested that we visit them. It was an all day trip to this town in India. We realized our business had grown with them, but we didn't understand what that meant.

This small town had been in it's third year of severe drought. There were few jobs and much poverty. I tell you this because not only is it a great story, it's real, true and uplifting. When we arrived, we were escorted into a large hall where over 300 women sat waiting. Waiting for the guests of

Over the next two hours, we heard story after story of how grateful they were to be able to earn money for their families. In their broken English:"Thank you Petaloo" they would say as if Petaloo was it's own entity.....300 ladies all there to say thank you, not just to us, but to you as well. So when you see our new Tiffany's Treasures or Jeweled Florettes, or Tye-Dyed Gypsies, they all come from this little town.

So for 2010, here's to less roadblocks and living a life more fully connected to each other. To living fully, laughing often & loving much. All of us at Petaloo genuinely wish you a healthy, happy & joyful year in 2010.

With heartfelt thanks,

Jeff & Cheryl Cohen & All the people of Petaloo